Affirmative Action

June 3rd, 2011

Here is food for thought

"South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others."

Makes you think?!
London Times


June 3rd, 2011

Our common law has always provided that interest stops running on a debt as soon as it equals the capital amount. This "in duplum" rule seeks to protect debtors in financial difficulty from being over-extended, by limiting their liability to a maximum of double the original debt.

In practice however, a debtor could still end up paying much more than double in total if, say, he or she makes interim payments which the creditor applies to outstanding interest. In that event, the interest starts running again, and the debtor is trapped in a never-ending cycle of payment just to service accruing interest. The common law rule also applies only to interest - so other charges can push the total debt over the double.

Good news for consumers is that the National Credit Act has modified this rule to provide better cover for them. As confirmed by a recent Supreme Court of Appeal decision, the Act has -in respect only of any debt falling under its provisions - extended the rule in two main respects:-

1. No longer only interest - but now also a range of fees and charges related to the debt - all cease to run if   they combine to exceed the outstanding debt.

2.Any payment by a consumer after default (unless it has the effect of ending the default) "simply reduces the    outstanding principal debt"- so post-default payments are no longer sucked into a black hole of continuing    interest accrual.

Credit providers: tighten up your lending and recovery procedures to avoid this extended rule kicking in!

Consumers: check what's being claimed from you - don't overpay!


Bad Service From Distributor Reconditioning Center-Midrand

June 14th, 2011

I just want to warn all my friends who are also mechanics against the above. I was a customer of Distributor reconditioning center for a long time. I had a problem with a Nissan Almera's ECU. The car's coils pack up and the owner of the vehicle had been driving it for over 150km, with the dead coil and in the case of this vehicle the ECU gets damaged if the coils stop firing. I have to send the ECU to Reconditioning Distributor Centre to be repaired. I patiently waited and finally got it. What a shock the ECU does not work, I call and the owner of Distributor reconditioning center said the ECU did work, it was running in a similar vehicle.

His employee who repaired the ECU said I phoned him and said the car was right, and the car is running. Well, this is the first lie because I have three other witnesses who can confirm that I have not called and said that the car was running , I only phoned to find out whether they have a coil. The owner pick up the ECU himself the next day and after a long struggle to get the ECU, it was necessary for me to go to Midrand all the way from Witpoortjie to collect the ECU (hoping the ECU is working now). I have the ECU connected to the vehicle, and it is faulty again, this time with other faults.

They accused me, I have damaged the ECU or the car is doing this because they have the ECU on a vehicle in their workshop tested. I went back again to Midrand hoping they would fix it this time, boy what a surprise the ECU is faulty again. I decided I would go with the vehicle to their workshop and then wait until they repair it (I have 3 cylinder only firing), I notice when I get there , there is no Almera in his workshop. (Lie No. 2)The person who actually worked on the ECU admitted they do not have a vehicle to test it on. It would seem they do not have a test bank to test it.They need a vehicle. Well, from 10am until 3pm they tried to repair the ECU, six times the ECU was plugged in the vehicle, but it was faulty every time .

It was also clear to me that they use electronic components from other old ECUs and solder it onto my Almera's ECU, then they ask me R2508.00 for it. They also have two different computers diagnostics machines  on the vehicle to see if there was a problem on the vehicle, but they were unsuccessful . I had to go back with only 2 cylinders firing from Midrand to Witpoortjie.  Speaking of a "rip off" they refuse to refund me the money I paid.

I have post the UCE to a company in Captown , 3 days  and I received it back in a perfect working condition. That is what I call a fantastic service. the price was also less.  Here  is the contact details


Central Park Unit 23
Platinum Crescent
Milnerton 7441
Cape Town
Tel ++27 21 5550200
Fax ++27 21 5512748
Website :
Email Address :
Tel them Peter of  Peter Tune Up's  refer you.

I am busy with Small Claims Court to see if there's any justice in this country to help me or anyone with this kind of problem.

About the small claims Court , If it is a business claim , they will not help you, it is only for private/public  claims. To go to a lawyer, it is to exspensive.